Glitch or new update?

Hey, so I just opened the Episode App, and everything is zoomed in. The mobile creation is also different and it’s harder for me to find each feature on it.

Is this happening to other people?

The entire app is literally zoomed in all the way.

I have the exact opposite problem lol, everything is super tiny and spaced out on my ipad. :sweat:

That’s the complete opposite of what’s happening to me lol. Everything is zoomed into the extreme. It’s so weird

It’s super weird lol, but the good news (?) is that we’re not the only ones this is happening to. People on this thread are dealing with the same thing: Everything is tiny after the update on my Android Tablet

It’s most likely an just update… which seems kinda weird bc updates are supposed to improve things… this just makes it harder to navigate the app :persevere: hopefully this isn’t permanent!

You and me both…this new “update” sucks.

Everything is tiny after I updated. They can update the app, but they can’t solve the issues that people are having with the app.

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Everything is zoomed in on my phone. It looks like the app is bigger on phones and smaller on tablets/ ipads. I’m sure Episode will fix it once they catch on to the issue (hopefully) …

@Veronica_Lodge Oh my gosh, it’s so annoying. I don’t even know how it happened