Glitch perhaps?

So as of yesterday (August 5th) I updated my story with a new episode, while viewing my story on my phone my mc has black hair with dark eyes but whenever I preview it on my computer she has her regular features? Did I code it wrong or did I mess up up somewhere along the lines when adding the code so she could have dark hair with dark eyes?

I’ll edit this with screenshots from my computer when I can For now I’ll post how it looks from my phone

From my phone
Beginning of episode

She’s supposed to have Blue black hair with Hazel dark eyes

Where I wanted the hair and eyes to change color

They do change when viewing on the computer

I did a poll on Instagram asking if it happened to them too and I guess it did

did you change her features at some point using donacode? meaning you used either ‘changes to hairColor’ or ‘previews hairColor’?

I used @CHARACTER changes hairColor into Black Dark
And same for the eyes
Unless it’s supposed to be @ previews

Before with her regular features

After the change

so that command changes your characters features from all the episodes. while the preview command only changes them from the point you code it in until you don’t want the change to occur anymore so you code in @/CHARACTER unpreviews hairColor #

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Aha okay thank you, so I would just have to go and edit my code where it says changes hairColor to @/CHARACTER previews hairColor instead?


and when you don’t want the hair color to blue you just code unpreviews hairColor

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Thanks this is really helpful, I’m still learning some commands and this is one of them >.<

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me too! and i’ve been coding for 2 years!

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Well thanks for helping once again, I really appreciate it!

I even asked a few days ago if there ways a command to change the hair color and the two people who replied said it was changes hairColor, never knew it was previews hairColor. Definitely writing that down in my notebook lol.

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