Glitch with mobile creator

I recently started having issues with the mobile creator. For some reason it who t let me make changes to my characters or even rotate them. It’s messed up the entire stories. I’ve never had issues in the past so I don’t understand what’s going on please help fix this.


Hi! If you submit a ticket to our support team they’ll be happy to help you out :slight_smile:

My mobile creator is really slow. It takes forever to do anything. I have to say I’m disappointed with episode. Every update brings more issues and the old ones doesn’t get fixed. I was gone for 1 month because I just didn’t have the energy to fight with all the issues and I hoped they would get fixed, but I came back yesterday only to discover more issues with the app…

I never use to have issues with episode and out of nowhere I started having all these issues and can’t get it fixed. It really sucks because I really liked it before.

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I am having the same issues. It will still work after fighting with it but it is really annoying! It has been doing this probably since the last update for the app.

My mobile creator is also having issues. It keeps changing th hair colors of my characters and refuses to change back. It also won’t let me click on some directions of the zones. It’s also having characters enter where I don’t have them entering. My entire mobile creator was messed up after the last update to The point where I cannot even use it. Really frustrated with this and hope to see the fix.

I have a bug that changes character hair color. A character of mine had black hair then suddenly in was fawn no matter what I did

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Now mine is just messing up (not showing the characters on the screen when I am trying to edit the story and a few other issues) mainly on just one story, (of course it is my attempt at a story for the Fantastical contest) but as of right now another story will work correctly for me so I can rewrite my story on that one.
It hasn’t tried changing the hair color on mine yet. They really need to fix these issues. Since there are a few of us who rely on the mobile creator to write our stories.