Glitch with props

Lately I have been getting a glitch where a character already has a prop before what I have written in the script (I hope you get what I mean lol)
My question is… is this a glitch in the web previewer and will the readers of my story not have this glitch or will they have it?

it happens if you have played the scene with the prop and then replayed it again before the prop - its the same like with the outtfits the script remembers last choice till you refresh the page.

in app your prop will for sure not apear before the command. :smiley:

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it depends if you’ve added the prop somewhere beforehand and/or refreshed the previewer. you can try using:

@remove prop from CHARACTER

at the beginning of the scene to clear the prop in advance. if you then refresh the previewer and the prop is still there despite using this command at the beginning of the scene (though it shouldn’t be), it’s probably a glitch.

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