Glitches with rears

Hey i am writing a story and the charters seems to ignore the Faces right and left and i don’t know what to do!

Can i see your script please?

im not sure if this is your problem, but when it comes to rear animations you have to do the opposite direction!! so if you want your character to face left, you have you say faces right and vise-versa

@zoom on 54 535 to 265% in 0
@reset hsl
@CHELSEY changes into CHELSEY_white
@KENIYAH spot 0.672 42 207 in zone 2
@KENIYAH moves to layer 5
@CHELSEY spot 0.710 94 200 in zone 2
@CHELSEY moves to layer 6
@JANDEN spot 0.678 67 204 in zone 2
@JANDEN moves to layer 3
@zoom on 179 120 to 199% in 4 using easeinout
&JANDEN walks to spot 0.678 229 211 in zone 1 in 5
&KENIYAH walks to spot 0.672 187 211 in zone 1 in 5 AND KENIYAH is walk_exhausted
@CHELSEY walks to spot 0.649 126 206 in zone 1 in 5
&JANDEN is shiftweight
&KENIYAH is idle_exhausted
@CHELSEY is laugh_chuckle
@speechbubble is 208 363 to 79% with tail_top_right
JANDEN (talk_arms_crossed)
Go find a dress
@speechbubble is 125 296 to 79% with tail_top_right
KENIYAH (angry_frustrated)
If you run i will find you
KENIYAH (talk_angry)
And kill you.
@speechbubble is 131 329 to 79% with tail_top_left
CHELSEY (talk_apathetic)
Why would i run
CHELSEY (talk_shrug)
My team is dead
@CHELSEY is eyeroll
&CHELSEY walks to spot 0.649 -84 214 in zone 1 in 6
&zoom on 235 191 to 102% in 3 using easeinout
KENIYAH (talk_exhausted)
I hope she don’t run.

@transition fade out black in 6
&KENIYAH is rear THEN KENIYAH faces left
&JANDEN is rear THEN JANDEN faces left

But i tired that and it does not move at all

@KENIYAH faces right and KENIYAH is rear

it worked thank u

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