Glitching Effects Help

Hey there, I have mystery episode I’m currently writing. I need a few glitching effects but I don’t know how! Could you please give me some glitch overlays and help with writing in the script? Thanks!

What do you mean glitching effects? Do you mean glitching overlays?

I mean to make it appear the video in episode is glitching. So effects or overlays

It really depends how you imagine the glitch…if it is for exame TV spot and oyu wnt the screeen look like it is disapearing you can use overla of the white noise to simulate losing of the signal… I did this in my story - I used 2 different whitenoise overlays and one ws looping in shifting other ws looping opacity and shifting if I remember right and it lookd like bad TV signal.

So what ever you want it wil most likely include some overlay animations.

So despribe more specificly what you imagine under the word glitch.what exactly you would like to happen and we can look on it more closely

Like words on a TV glitching…

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