**Glitching overlay help please!** 😭

Okay, so I’ve been working on my own story and I’m writing the first chapter or episode. I personally made my own custom overlays to use in my story, but the problem is that it looks fricken amazing on the website previewer. And when I first uploaded them into the art catalog they looked fine, but when I previewed it on mobile the overlays look so dang dark like what’s happening here?? And secondly, when I check my mobile device to see if it works properly and like the overlays glitch and pop up on the screen. Is their any way to fix this? Because I’m getting frustrated lol. please help! :sob:

This is what my overlay looks perfectly normal:

And this is how dark it is in the scene:

Please help me I don’t know what to do or is it just me. :cry:

I don’t see much diference with the images but you could try some filters…
They basically come ready to use, so you just have to choose with one do you want to put.

I think it looks absolutely fine! Great use of overlay btw :wink:
Perhaps the darker background is making it look darker :woman_shrugging:t2:
To avoid the popping up on screen. Have you used & instead of @ for all the overlay commands? Sometimes on the app it can glitch like that but unfortunately there’s nothing we can do :see_no_evil:

Lol thanks boo so the overlay colors are just me then :sweat_smile: and should I just fix them on the app and then put the coordinates into the script and see if it works on mobile? :thinking:

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Overlays look better on the portal and always flash on screen for a split second on the app. You can try it but it might not make a difference :weary:

Yeah, that’s what I mean they flash to their coordinates :sob: aww man thanks for the help anyways :heart:

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