Glitching Petition: Episode, please, do something about it

Hello, everyone!

I have been doing reads for reads and reviews for reviews lately and I feel I must highlight something.

Even when the stories are amazingly directed (and we all know how much effort we put into our stories) unfortunately, it happens quite often that zooms still get messed up and characters are not displayed correctly or fail to display at all.

It’s really discouraging that you put so much effort in directing and the app just fails you, especially with stories that are submitted for contests. Other writers told me that when there is a mess-up you just need to quit the chapter and then come back to it: this will solve the problem. However, I believe that this is just not quite fair after all and this issue needs to be highlighted.

Everyone who has had similar issues (when you test your story a thousand times and all is good and then you publish it and it is messed up) please, leave your comment here. I believe that if we get enough attention this problem will be dealt with.

@Episode, please, do something about it!

Thank you very much for your attention.




I have faced the problem of missing characters several times. Also there is a weird glitch with props (you can find more information here). It’s really very disappointing when the story was diligently checked and rechecked to catch all the possible problems and some of them keep unexpectedly appearing without author’s knowledge.


Dear @FieryTenderness,

Thank you very much for supporting my petition. Please, spread the word about it: we all deserve that our stories are displayed correctly.


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You’re welcome :slight_smile: We all are interested in fixing of these problems.


Moved to Feature + Art Suggestions section as that’s where suggestion threads live! :v:t2:

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Thank you!


Yeah because when I read a story sometimes characters won’t be on screen and I will just see their speech bubbles. It’s really annoying having to exit the app then go back on just to fix this issue.


I completely agree with you! Especially, when you put so much effort in a story and then it simply doesn’t work :cry::cry::cry:

I saw many glitches. But missing character is not terrible glitch and I don’t even call it a glitch. It happens after we leave the app while reading, and when we come back some characters are missing. I say to myself “that’s only my fault”. I I should have known better not to leave app while reading a story.

I also sometimes notice that some characters accidentally appear where there should be none. Again I don’t call that a glitch, because when I was helping friends to fix that, there’s always same reasons for that - not writing the codes correctly.

If we talk about zooms, the fault is again on writers. Remember that I also write in limelight and in ink and I know that the reason for glitching zooms- it’s wrongly written code. Or, better to say, stuff is missing in script.

If you have any problems with those things I mentioned, ask me on IG. Yeah in my stories you’ll also find glitching zooms, but the reason for them is my laziness :wink:

What I call glitches are things that were made or changed even though I didn’t touch a thing. For example:

  • Characters in wrong size !
  • getting a message that your story doesn’t exist
  • published chapters are suddenly mute.
  • animated overlays suddenly move differently as they should.

And when I say suddenly- I mean: I publish story after checking it million times. I then record scenes. Then I don’t touch or open writing portal several days. I get notification from readers about found glitch in my story- and the record from several days before proofs I made it ok and the fault is on server.

Those glitches appear after Episode updates and the reason for them is a runaway bug or the update which goes against previous codes.


What about story loops? I had that with my first story and script was fine :frowning:

You mean looping like going back to same point in story? Yeah the reason is in script, it can be fixed. :wink:

Sometimes there appears a glitch with props, when carefully deleted after using props keep appearing in the middle of the story in unexpected places. And this thing can happen on one device and be absent on another.


The tech support said that the readers need to file a ticket as it’s not the script problem. It happens only to some readers.

I’ve read a few episode originals (and user stories overall) that have had characters disappear on screen. Usually, I just exit the story for a moment and then come back to it. But, I agree. They should certainly do something about it.

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It’s still happening! I already send a support ticket while time ago. Characters keep disappearing when you exit the app and come back, you have to exit the story to fix it… :weary:


Same! At least we know how to fix this although that’s pretty annoying!

Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is not a feature request. :wink: