Glitchy Mobile Testing

Hey, so I’m having trouble figuring out why this is happening. When I go to preview my script on the Portal, everything looks the way it should. When I preview on the app, all my overlays seem to glitch out in every scene just before they appear! How do I fix this? Will it look that way to everyone or is it just my phone? :face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_head_bandage: Please help!

Can I have the link to the episode where overlays are glitchy?

If you put the opacity to go from 0 to 1 in [T] time and you added the overlay putting them after ne background name, you can try to avoid the glitches by using the create command for the overlays and not adding them after the background name

If the problem is not this one, I don’t know how to help you :eyes:


How do I link it if it’s not published? I’m not sure where to find the link for it

The same thing has been happening to me. While I’m no expert, I’ve found that placing the opacity with the opacity “&” in the script helped get rid of the glitchy effect that appeared when the overlays did when previewing it on my phone. It also still looks just as it should on the portal .
&overlay OVERLAY opacity 1
&overlay OVERLAY shifts to 9 143 in zone 1
&overlay OVERLAY scales to 0.421 0.421
@pause for 3
@overlay OVERLAY clear

Hope I was able to help :blush: