Glitchy script? Overlay/layer

Okay, so I’m tweaking my episode to fix the bugs but I’ve noticed the flowers overlay in one of the scenes keeps showing up BEHIND the character

The scene is where Marcus has just walked in and holds up this beautiful bouquet of his terminally I’ll wife’s favorite flowers and shows her…

Here is the script


@pan to zone 1

@MARCUS enters from left to screen center AND MARCUS faces right AND MARCUS moves to layer -3

@overlay FLOWERS create

@overlay FLOWERS moves to layer 2

@overlay FLOWERS opacity 1

@overlay FLOWERS shifts to 134 160

@overlay FLOWERS scales to 1.072 1.072

    MARCUS (talk_hold_gift)
I brought you your favourites Deidre, remember them?

    MARCUS (talk_awkward)
I picked them fresh from our special spot in the garden, love.

@pan to zone 2

Preview of whats happening:

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Sometimes you’ll need to use spot direction.

@MARCUS spot 1.280 -100 0 in zone 1 at layer -3 AND MARCUS faces right
@MARCUS walks to spot 1.280 160 0

I tried putting that into the script but he is still standing in front of the bouquet.

Scratch that it worked, thankyou so much!

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Glad to hear :snowflake: :snowman:

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