Glitchy script PLEASE HELP!

So my script isn’t acting like it should be the character is walking/returning to a neutral position when they are coded to be in a sad walk/pose…



music music_introspectiveacoustic

&BGCHAR4 spot 0.740 126 240 in zone 1 AND BGCHAR4 is play_guitar_loop AND BGCHAR4 moves to layer -1 AND BGCHAR4 faces right AND BGCHAR5 spot 0.722 257 251 in zone 1 AND BGCHAR5 is sing_doowop_loop AND BGCHAR5 moves to layer -2 AND BGCHAR5 faces left

&overlay SIGN create
&overlay SIGN shifts to 16 -41 in zone 1
&overlay SIGN moves to layer 2
&overlay SIGN scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay SIGN opacity 1

&BGCHAR1 spot 0.677 91 279 in zone 2 AND BGCHAR1 is kiss_passionate_rear AND BGCHAR1 faces right AND BGCHAR1 moves to layer -1 AND BGCHAR2 spot 0.686 44 280 in zone 2 AND BGCHAR2 is kiss_passionate AND BGCHAR2 faces right AND BGCHAR2 moves to layer -2 AND BGCHAR3 spot 0.938 227 167 in zone 2 AND BGCHAR3 is text_phone_neutral_loop AND BGCHAR3 faces right AND BGCHAR3 moves to layer 2

&BGCHAR6 spot 0.715 240 268 in zone 3 AND BGCHAR6 is talk_phone_neutral_loop AND BGCHAR6 faces left AND BGCHAR6 moves to layer -3 AND BGCHAR7 spot 0.530 194 281 in zone 3 AND BGCHAR7 is eat_cupcake AND BGCHAR7 faces right AND BGCHAR7 moves to layer -2 AND BGCHAR8 spot 0.539 279 271 in zone 3 AND BGCHAR8 is eat_pizza AND BGCHAR8 faces left AND BGCHAR8 moves to layer -1

@transition fade in black in 4

&pan to zone 3 in 10

The town of Scoffsdale,

&IVY spot 1.127 -64 77 in zone 1 AND IVY is walk_exhausted AND IVY faces right AND IVY moves to layer 1

&IVY walks to spot 1.127 171 77 in zone 1 in 4 AND IVY does it while walk_exhausted AND IVY faces right AND IVY moves to layer 1 THEN IVY is idle_exhausted

&pan to zone 1 in 2

A town my family, the Oaks; had founded.

&IVY is idle_exhausted AND BGCHAR5 is talk_unsure

A town that immediately tuns to fear at even the whisper of our name,

&IVY walks to spot 1.127 133 77 in zone 2 AND IVY is walk_exhausted AND IVY faces right AND follow IVY to screen center in zone 2 THEN IVY moves to layer 2 AND IVY is idle_exhausted AND BGCHAR3 faces left AND BGCHAR3 is disappointed AND BGCHAR2 is mortified AND BGCHAR1 faces right AND BGCHAR1 is arms_crossed_angry

I live my life as a social pariah,

&BGCHAR3 walks to spot 0.983 202 167 in zone 1 AND BGCHAR3 is walk_talk_phone THEN BGCHAR1 faces left AND BGCHAR1 is slap_face AND BGCHAR2 is slap_face_receive

My family seems to crave being feared, but I find it incredibly lonely.

&BGCHAR2 is dismayed AND BGCHAR1 is arms_crossed_angry AND IVY walks to spot 1.127 81 77 in zone 3 AND follow IVY to screen center in zone 3 AND IVY is walk_exhausted AND IVY faces right THEN BGCHAR6 is arms_crossed_angry AND BGCHAR7 faces left AND BGCHAR7 is mortified AND BGCHAR8 is talk_gossip

&IVY is eyeroll

I guess I just don't understand how someone could like being in childrens nightmares,

&IVY exits right AND IVY is walk_exhausted

It makes me sick to my stomach walking past people and watching mothers pull their kids close at the sight of me.

&set hsl 0 0 100 in 4

Sometimes, I wonder; Why was I cursed into this lonely isolation?

@transition fade in white in 1

Story link so you can see what I mean..


@IVY exits right AND IVY is walk_exhausted

No, It needs to be & otherwise it won’t exit + fade out as the Narrator (IVY) speaks… That’s not the bit I’m having problems with.
The whole scene the character is sad but she keeps returning to the neutral animation.

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