Go read my new story! Burnt by a Goddess! please! 😘


Hi everyone!

I’m Emeline, reader, art cover maker, and author!
I just updated my new story “Burnt by a Goddess” (its a fantasy/romance)
Please go read it and give me feedbacks! I’m waiting for you!

I hope you like it! thank you so much!
xoxo :kissing_heart:
LOVE YOU ALL! :heart:

You need a cover? Splashes?
I'm ready to do read 4 read with you!



Thank you so much! :kissing_heart:


With Photoshop and Illustrator


Episode four is almost out! Stay connected! :slight_smile:


EPISODE 4 IS OUT!!! :kissing_heart::v:t4:
Go read it, please!

New story! Go read it please!

Hey! Episode 5 is almost out! Don’t miss it :kissing_heart: