Go read my newly released story (I know you wanna) :))

Check out the newly published story of “AlleyWay”!!! A 20 year old girl named Blake Harrison goes out with her best friends! To get home before her overprotective brothers get worried. Blake and her friends cut through an Alley. But what they discover will change their lives completely. Love, Secrets, Gangs and Danger awaits…can you handle it?

Author: jessica02


What about a read4read?
Than we can share screenshots to prove that we have read
Let me know
Title: A Criminal’s Love: double trouble
Episode: (1-4) more to come

Sure!!! I don’t know how I could screenshot on a computer lol but I will for sure check it out 100%

Hi, I believe, if you’re on a device, you could take screenshots of the story, e-mail them to yourself, open them on the computer and send them to the people that you do read4reads with on the Episode Forums.

ohhhhhhh, okay. thank you

No problem :blush:
It’s pretty easy to do this method, and sraight-forward but it’s always nice to help someone out if they don’t know how to do it :slight_smile:
Good luck on your writing journey!
xoxo :black_heart:

Awhhhhh, your so sweet, thank you so much and I if you have any stories published good luck to you as well.

Hey i read the first 3 chapters and i liked them very muchh!! I’m honestly surprised that this was your first story :smile: i guess you’re just naturally talented! Keep up the same work, can’t wait for more episodes :slight_smile: i laughed very hard for all the episodes :smile:

I can do a read for read!

Title: the good-bye
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 4 (On going!)

You are really broke, working at your BFF’s bakery doesn’t really help. But what happens when you meet your lover, again? [LL, choices matter, LGBT+]






Choices matter-it affects your relationships with characters in the story. So choose wisely. :blush:
There’s LGBT+ characters.

The first 2 episodes are going to be kinda but not really short.

Instagram : @tiffyalice_wonder

Please fill in the form! SO I can keep track of the r4r list!

thank you so much, more episode coming soon!!!

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I’ve read your story, and I really like it!!! Keep up the work!

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Hey If you want i can make you a cover! Something to spice up the picture of the alley you have right now!

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OH MY GOSH!!! REALLY!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Yes for sure please!


Just click the link to my forum page!

Author Jessica02:
Images of Main Characters (Optional): Characters are not needed I don’t think (don’t know how to do that)
Story Description: Blake Harrison has had an average life. But, after one night out, she and her friends try to cutting through an Alley to get home faster. But what they discover will change them forever. Love, Gangs, Danger, and Secrets awaits. Can you handle it?
Genre: Fantasy
Published? If not, when will it be published?: Published, more episodes to come.
Large Cover or/and Small Cover: Both please:)
When do you need it done by?: Maybe within the next 2 weeks, no rush.
Mood of Cover (dark, scary, happy, bright, etc): Dark, Danger.
References; Multiple Book/Movie Covers (Optional, but very helpful): Couldn’t think of any, but the stories in my recommended might help.
Special Requests/Additional Information (Optional):
Instagram Username (Optional):episode.J02

Is it Ink? or limelight?

And you can write out you characters skin tones and eyes etc or can send screen shots?
Or I can use random Characters!

My story is Ink. My main characters are listed below
these are the main characters.

Thank you for doing this!!


I played the first episode so I know what the mc looks like!