Go through my emoji’s with me!


These are usually when I’m Not neing nice and instead being an “a-hole”…

:woman_shrugging:- Pretending I don’t know something even though I’m being petty and just not telling you the truth.
:upside_down_face:- I either 1) Made a not-so-nice comment and decided to make it somewhat friendly or 2) I want to cuss you out and am feeling extra petty
:thinking:- #PETTY101
:wink:- I know you lyin’ but I’m going with it
:100:- I’m being real and couldn’t care less what you think about me
:roll_eyes:- Easiest way to put it, i’m Being sarcastic and hate you
:sunglasses:- Cool idrc

Now my nice ones

:blowfish: - Lookin’ Fly af
:speak_no_evil:- Better version of this OMG :astonished:
:fire:- HOT
:triumph:- Reaction when Scream Queens was terminated Right before the end of the Red Devil season
:japanese_ogre:- Awkward…


Lol I’m bored…


Lol tf :joy::joy::joy:


Don’t judge


If I write something that might come off wrong i try to enlighten by adding :heart: or :joy:.




Do u wanna join?


Yep! I was mid making my thread when I saw it! I will check it out now!




*Couldn’t :wink:


Thanks :joy:


It definitely adds a cooler effect to OMG :smile::heartbeat:

Also, happy birthday, it’s a little past Oct 5th though, but I hope you enjoyed your special day <3


Thank you!!! And ikr!