Go to label- backgrounds don't match?


So I’m almost at the end of my new episode. I’ve got a choice where the viewer can choose a flash back to view first and a third option when they have viewed both.

I’ve used the goto label option which works fine. Like it does back to my options and the reader can select the second flash back, but it doesn’t go back to the first background or characters? (Which are not the same as the flash back?)

I don’t remember it doing this in all the times I’ve been doing this. I would check that it’s not just preview on the computer because I know it does stuff like that, but thanks to this ageees long update I can’t preview anything on my phone, nor view my profile.

Would love someone to help with this?
I can’t put the label right before the scene starts because it’s a long scene and readers would have to go back through it all?

Thanks - Josie

Maybe put up your code? I’m not exactly sure what you mean :sweat_smile:

If in the choice you changed the background, you need to put the label to go back before the first background and the characters’ placements, otherwise you wouldn’t have them on the scene

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