Goal Diggers! • Hiring!


Hallo! We’ve recently started a group but fail to acquire the right amount of members. We’ve decided to create a form!
We’re looking for:
~Art Scene Artist~
Full-Body characters needs to be known. Requires knowledge and experience, not excluding skill.

(You will be tested before you get in.) A real review that will actually help people. Grammar and punctuation need to be acceptable.

Clean cuts of overlays to satisfy customers.

This doesn’t really include much skill, only with photoshop and related categories

~Other Art related things~
We will discuss in PM
Here is the google form:



Current Members:
@Days @Eva_Diva1 @Killerfrost @lady_anne.editz @Kalizzza


Well! Can I join?

I am in like 2829123383 art grps… eh. It’s never too much lol


Whhooop! Hi Mr,potato !!


Ya @RastaUnicorn pm-ed me. I’ll sign up a form now.

I love the “chirp nobody” bit :joy:




With the group is it an Instagram group or forum group OR both? (too many ors :expressionless:)


Both, our co-owner is in charge of it


Cool - I do not have an Instagram but I could offer reviews on the Forums.


Btw forgive my random splash - it was a required question so I had to fill in the form with an upload


Am I still on the wait list


Not anymore :slight_smile:


Cool :sunglasses:


Favorite color?




Hi :slight_smile: What’s the group name on instagram?


I’d have to ask the co-owner!


Kay :slight_smile:


I’m sorry I’m gonna have to drop out of this art group as I just don’t wanna really do it anymore (and if I do it’ll be solo)

But thanks sm for recruiting me it was really sweet




Are u still hiring people?