Going straight to the end of an animation without zooming away


Hi! I’m trying to figure out how to complete a character animation without zooming away, for example: the animations, “shush” and “flirt_fingersnap” and commonly used by authors to create a more unique animation for characters, typically, you would need to zoom away from the character so the whole animation could be completed. However, I’ve seen in various stories, such as My Psycho (s/o to @bukii.epi), where it was directed to the animation would jump straight to the end without needing to zoom away. Does anyone know how to do this?



If it’s Limelight, they have pose positions such as: laugh_chuckle_pose. I don’t know of these for Ink so it may have been a screenshotted background. :thinking:


I should be a bit more clear…
Firstly, this is for INK. Secondly, there is no possible way for this to be because of overlays (because of customization). Thirdly, I mean: when using actions such as, “shush”, it wont show the beginning of the action, yet, it will cut straight to the face the character makes once the action is complete. This is all done, WHILE not zooming away or cutting away from the characters face.

Finishing animations faster

Unfortunatly there is no way to naviagte an animation in code, but there are a few trix around so that you may use just the beginning or the end of it.

To get the end of an animation you have to possibilities.

  1. A stuntdouble/twin You simple use another character, looking exactly like the character, that you place off screen. Have it do the animation, then with the use of spotdirecting have them switch places. Allowing you to get for instance the big eyed, crazy look from fingersnap without having the full animation.
  2. Zoom away from the character, focusing on another character. Allowing the animation to play out of screen. This has it’s backside though, as animations as for instance fingersnap takes a large room to play out, as well as time. Time when you could have your character do other other things. It also takes focus off your character, interupting the storyflow if not worked in properly.

To use parts of an animation there is only one effeciant way.

  1. Interrupting the animation. This is done by using the & sign for the animation command, and putting in exactly how long time you want it to run before going into the next.

    &MC is nod_loop
    @pause for 1
    @MC is idle

Remember, an animation can never be interrupted without either going into another animation or the sceen ending. If no new animation is set, the animation will play out fully/continue on loop no matter what time you’ve put for the pause.


Ps. Notice that some of these trix only work properly without speech and narrator bubbles as those are worked/triggered by the reader.

Freezing a character

I agree with your comment on zooming away, it only works between a conversation of multiple people. The stunt double idea is interesting! I didn’t think of using my mirror characters for that purpose as well! Thanks, @HappyDaisy !


My pleasure. It works like a charm.



That stuntdouble/twin option is inspired! Truly genius!!



Thank you :flushed:


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