Going to the wrong label

i have no idea whats wrong with my portal recently but nothing is working, and I can’t tell if it’s my fault or not. reader chooses love interest gender, and usually the storyline works, but it just isn’t here.

I’ve tried @GENDER and just GENDER but no mater what I do, they both go to the first label (male_storyline_02), I’ve switched them around, and they then both go to (female_storyline_02) instead, it’s just whicever ones first.

update: it’s now happening in other places in my story

you have to put it like this

female storyline

label labelname

male storyline

label labelname

yeah that’s what I have done?

ohh sorry i had to cut loads out so you can see what I mean, they both have their labels

I changed it around so you can see better sorry


eee sorry, i didn’t see. do you have any code there yet? the reader will automatically go to the next label if the first is finished.

theres coding for both yes,

mm okay.
i’m not good at finding problems in others coding ngl :skull:

I can’t even find them in my own don’t worry :sob: if no one can clock it I’ll submit a ticket. Thanks anyway!!

Hey, maybe instead of using GENDER = number for the if, elif branches use the < and > signs in your coding. I know that for some devices and for some people the equals sign sometimes causes problems when branching :woman_shrugging:

Sorry how’d you mean? I’ve used the GENDER = for a lot of chapters a lot of times it always works It’ll take me a long time to change and if it might not work I’d be risking messing it up

Okay makes sense. What label is it going to currently? The male or female one.

Whichever one is written first, so the male storyline

That’s strange as the code appears to be correct from what I can see. Are you testing the story on the app or in the preview portion of the portal?

Both, I noticed it when playing through the story on my phone.

Okay. And you said the equals command works for you in previous chapters. Is there any difference between the code here and in the previous chapter(s).

Nope I even copied and pasted the code from another chapter and replaced to contents just to make sure, and still the same result

Did you maybe accidentally add a gain/loss of gender points in any of the previous chapters. Maybe go on the app and then reset the points to the correct amount of the second label and then try to see what happens.

Also is the gender choice one that goes through the whole story (can’t be changed) if so if you aren’t too far into the story I would suggest you use gains and then flags as they often lead to less issues than points as I know points are sometimes a bit iffy.

Yeah it goes through the whole story, I haven’t added any points to the gender no

I’ve reset the story progress many times it stays the same