Golden Shop Ink & Limelight [OPEN]

Of course :heartpulse:

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Hi I would like to request
My character details are below

Name: Stargazer
Skin tone: Neutral 03
Face: round soft
Eyes: deepset upturned wide (dark brown)
Nose: defined natural
Mouth: small heart (beige pink)
Eyebrows: arched natural scar (jet black)
Hair: natural curly updo (brunette brown)
Clothes: Anything you want
Background: Something related to the milky way
Extras: Instagram account is @starg_azer12345, name used in stories is Astra


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Hey! I just wanted to know if this is the correct hairstyle you wanted before I proceed. :heart:


It is but there is a correction the eye shape is deepset upturned wide

Okay! I’ll go change it.

Thank you


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Thank you I love it

No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bump :two_hearts: