Gonna read some stories

Ok ppl, ima eat and then vacuum my room


Haha, okay.:sweat_smile:can you send vaccum cleaner after vaccuming , I need to vaccum my room too​:joy:

Okie I just finished, make sure you return🙂

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Omg, “Games of disguise” was sooooo long. But really good

Will do​:+1: but for cleaning my room it can take eras ,lots of…so will return after era​:sweat_smile:thanks man ,you are a saviour​:sweat_smile::grin:

Oh no you dont🤣my mom will kill me

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She loves that vacuum

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Haha, okay. I will return in a minute.then.:wink:don’t want you to be killed :hugs:

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Hiya! :smiley:

Title- Hidden Behind Lies…
Genre- Romance but will be abit of action…
Description- What happens when your dad has a past and it finally catches up to you? Nothing is what it seems…

story link_ http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5630728767930368


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I’d love for you to check mine out!

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5040097505705984

Instagram: jessfox.episode
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Plot: Betty is a small town girl with big dreams of becoming a rock star. Navigating stardom, relationships, fans, and parties…Will she make it or break it? CC


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Sounds pretty interesting and that you have nerves to actually do this :sweat_smile:
I am very much new to Episode writing and stuff, but I did try my best! I made my first story, and any feedback is welcome.
Title: My Favorite Mistake
Author: Em
Chapters: 10 (more to come)
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink
Plot: Life seems to be going fine and in its exact order. But what happens when something stops it?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6210534360088576
Instagram: episodeem
P.S.: I didn’t know how to let you name the characters and customize them, but as such not being available, it adds to the depth of the story. But I am working on another story and you will be able to do it there.
Share my story and recommend it if you like it… If you don’t… Well, still keep reading, lol.

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Let me know when you read mine <3
Please read and leave me some feedbacks <3 It would mean the world to me!!!
Title: Love is Lost
Author: Pheebsnomenal
Genre: Drama & Romance
Episodes: 12 - completed
Description: Athena thought she has finally found her true love, but is life really that easy? Her life went from being on top of the world to everybody betraying her after meeting “him”. She tried and tried to get her old life back until she finally met someone else. Will this someone be the one for her? Or will this someone be another disaster in her life?

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You don’t even know😂 I still have a lot to read

I believe you :tired_face: Good luck :grimacing::joy::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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