Gonna really really try to do an episode story

Hello! I just graduated uni and last year (i think) i posted about making money when you’re writing stories here in Episode… So i’m gonna try this one, cuz im broke, its hard to look for a job during pandemic, and maaaaan, IM BROKE :sob:

So yeah, i was actually thinking on writing a Romantic Drama Story?? Like there’s 2 childhood friends, they really get along with each other and everything. everything is just a dream or is it?? Lol Waddayathink???

I don’t want to give away everything though. Its just an idea but lack the script and everything.

ANYWAY!! Leave a reply if you find my somewhat idea of a story is interesting. :grimacing:


If you’re broke and you’re looking at Episode as a potential avenue to earn money… eh, I wouldn’t really recommend it tbh. Getting into Writer Payments isn’t easy and even then, it isn’t a whole lot unless you’re really popular and raking in millions of reads most of the time.
There are other ways though, like rendering backgrounds and overlays and putting them on platforms like Patreon, you could also write bonus scenes and put them on there for readers, or doing art commissions, or creating templates and charging ko-fis.

As for writing your story because you want to write, that’s different. I’d gladly encourage you to write and I love reading drama. If Writer Payments is a goal, I support you and hope you make it, but it will most likely never be something to rely on for decent money. :full_moon_with_face::broken_heart:

If you’re already a paid writer, then great job and I look forward to more drama either way.


Congrats on graduating btw!
Hmmm it does seem interesting but it’s actually not worth unlocking the writer’s payment.

To do that you need to get
A)500k reads, this is a HUMONGOUS amount and almost impossible to reach
B)A number of gem choices (Idk how many exactly) and 100k reads
This is slightly easier to reach but you need to be adding insane amounts of gem choices in your stories which could prevent you from having reads

So what I would say is you could write stories for fun but it’s not worth writing on it as a form of money

Oh and the idea for the story sounds pretty good, I would prob read something like that


Thank you! But i still do have a job though, but it’s super irritating and im actually not motivated enough to wrok because my boss are like super mean chinese :roll_eyes: (Im Asian bwt) since im quarantined and my work isn’t work from home i have no access on my money sinfe they wont pay me until i go to the office. Lol. So yeah, im trying to become this a part time job sort off while im quarantine. Idk but hey ill try and doing art isn’t easy also huhu Since i’m an artist myself but i’m not that confident with my work sooooo… yeah ill stick with writing lol


trusth me you wont be able to reach the writer payment espically as a new author, I am a quite good one who have been here for years. and I dont even have 3000 read on the story I published last year, you need 500.000 to qualify in 3 mounths.

if you just wanna earn money there is so many others more easy ways to do it, like running with news papers.

if you wanna write for enjoyment do it, that is what I do I love writhing on episode, but I know I will never reach the writer payment so I dont aim for it.


That really sucks, I’m sorry about that. But Episode earnings are still not easy to achieve, however there are other writing platforms that pay new writers, I just can’t mention them here because it’s against the guidelines.

Yeah some of people actually told me that it’s really hard to earn money in writers payment unless you are really really good at writing and coding. But i wanna try though, it would be fun, except for the reaching 500k readers lol its insanely difficult to do but it will be worth it i think lol

Thank you bwt!

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just for a note have you tried the codeing already, its really hard, its not just a thing you spend ten minutes on, I spend a mounth on each chapter, granted I got very advanced codeing.

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I won’t hurt to try, you never know how good you are, but you also need the motivation to write, then you won’t be bawling your eyes out if you don’t qualify not saying you would but you know what i mean :grin:


If you love writing, you should definitely go for it… although I will warn you that getting into writers’ payments is pretty difficult.

Or you can do things like

As mentioned by :sparkles: @schittwriter :sparkles:

Congrats on graduating btw!


She’d also need to get 50K gems (not number of choices, but actual number of gems) spent on her story.


That’s actually insaneeeee, I did not know you need to reach 500k in 3months, i thought you need to reach it like in 6 months to a year.

Yeah, i actually have a job, they just wont pay me because my work isn’t work from home kinda job, so i’m quarantined as of now, and i want to earn money while im quarantined so yeah, i though that maybe writing in Episode would give me something to do and earn money. Lol i just want to try my luck here. :grin:

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I actually searched some, some of them are actually pretty difficult to earn money too. :frowning: Im actually trying to write in Wattaaaaaapaaaaadasdfghjkl lol im not sure if anyone is making money there

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I actually tried it!! And the first i used it it was confusing and difficult at the same time. :joy:

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I actually follow a lot of writers in Episode. And some of them are actually complaining that coding is difficult, and they really really need motivation to write.

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Thats what they said. But i will keep trying though, if it doesn’t look good or maybe ill try doing the commission stuff you know

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