Gonna start an new contest 😁


Not sure if it is in the right topic sorry… for this contest it is like for small authors… first I need people to nominate some people for the roles the story has to be under 1,000 reads you CAN nominate yourself… once I fill up all the slots I will post the real contest :grin:… leave author name and story title make sure spelling is correct!! :joy: (Ink Limelight Classic doesn’t matter)

Okay I need

0 Stories for Romance
3 Stories for Drama
0 Stories for Fantasy
2 Stories for Mystery
1 Stories for Comedy
2 Stories for Action
5 Stories for Thriller

I already have some for certain genres



This is great!

I nominate Kotton Kandie by @PrettyEri for the comedy genre and Crossed Paths by @Days for the comedy genre. Both are super amazing stories to read!


Thank you!!


For Drama I nominate Two to Tango by @granolias ! I loved the story :heart:
For Comedy I nominate The Pregnancy Curse by @Dr.Smile07 Her story is hilarious :joy:



@Teahwalker You’re welcome!


can i nominate my story for fantasy?


it’s called Hale Huna


I nominate Kotton Kandie by @PrettyEri for the comedy genre and Crossed Paths by @Days for the comedy genre. both are awsome! and Loving you again by @fluffyrice

@granolias same! lol and I will read ur story :blush:


i nominate Loving You Again by @fluffyrice for comedy an also Crossed Paths by @Days for comedy


Thank you so much!


Thank you!!

For fantasy I would like to add Music in our hearts by @Mary-P


No problem!


21 stories still needed tag people you know!!! Or tell me your story low reads!!!


Thrill of the Hunt (by Azaria Sin) is mine, which is what I would consider a mystery (romance being secondary, as it does have a love interest)

The ones I’d definitely nominate are Crossed Paths by @Days AND From This Day Forward by @goth.gaia :slight_smile:


You’re too kind, thank you :cry::sparkling_heart:

I also nominate The Thrill of the Hunt by @azariasin, as well as Saving Amelia by @kw.episode (both are mysteries, if I’m not mistaken)

Two of the best stories I’ve read this year!


@goth.gaia Thanks bae! :heart:


@azariasin Thrill of the Hunt (Ruben hold me bae) this is primarily a brilliant thriller, Hale Huna by @AnonymousAuthor1 for fantasy, Dreams and Nightmares by @RainbowCat for romance!


All of you who nominated me thank you soooo much! Love you all so much :heart::heart::heart:


thank you xoxo


I nominate @SarcasticGenie story ace of hearts for the mystery category. It is my all time favourite story on episode and you should definitely check it out

And can I be cheeky and nominate my own story 'ferewick :boarding school " again it is a mystery