Good Classic Stories!I


I’m not a huge fan of ink or limelight, but I adore classic!
Give me some good stories to read!

Classic stories
Classic Story Recommendations

clears throat
Dripping Mascara
uh also Hunted
and anything by N.M. Watt.
moonwalks out


Ooh! Ember Effect, Dripping Mascara…


Ability to…
The Ember Effect
The Phoenix Prophecy
Being The New Girl
Witness Protection
Unexpected Roommate
Hold You Down 1 & 2
The Loser
Until Death Do us Part
Beautiful Destruction
The Many Trials of Cocoa
Friends with Benefits? Classic
Winter Wonderland:Aquaries


I know people on here already recommended it, but…





Words cannot describe how amazing it is :heart_eyes:


I’m on episode 34! I need to finish already :frowning:


I want to finish it, but since there are so many characters and spot directing on chapter 130, it lags and exits out of the app, maybe because I don’t have much space on my device because of photos, apps, etc.



I’m trying to find some good romance classic stories, there was this one i used to read where she had an advice blog. do you think you could help me out


Ok so here are stories I read when I first got episode they are all classic some are more recent though

Elemental Wars
Dripping Mascara
Demi Gods
Winter Wonderland: The power of ice
Stranted At Sea
Area 51
Birth of the Darkest fairy (prequel to Elemental wars)
The Killing game
Power inside you


Dripping Mascara is amazing if you’re into some romance and fantasy style,Beautiful Destruction and Until Death Do Us Part are mafia romance based,Reckless and The Bet are also fantastic stories. All in classic


There are a few, but three I know are
The Royal Lie
Unexpected Roomate (The best I know!)
The Meet Up
The longest story here is Unexpected Roomate which has 70 episodes! :smiley:


Hey this is the thread I made of classic stories if you want to look!


I have some in all styles here… you’ll also fund more in the link tree link I puts in theresss .

I accidentally led people…TO MY EDIT… OH, MY GOSH… NOIIOII I LED PEOPLE TO MY EDIT!!!


CLONEs and the SEQUEL!!! I FORGOT THE name but I loved IT!!


Kyle is in love with Wendy, but his love is only passion, and his romance is dangerous, will Wendy find out that Kyle has been stalking her since the day they met, or will she stay in this abusive, crazy relationship for life?



Style: Classic | Type: Cinematic

I may use spotlight, MAYBE. In the future. Tell me if you read it so that I can know.

Choices Heavily matter, no CC, Arm overlays are used.

Both points and gains are put into this story to make the choices matter.

Will update when I get the right materials, :expressionless: Anyone knows where I can find an ext. And int. + day and night versions of a warehouse? Please, help me. -_-" And Both Tablet + iPhone compatible! (I worked hard on this story…)


Two of my favourites in Classic are Dripping Mascara and Finding Ember.


Hey Guys,
I am making this because it is a lot harder to find good classic stories anymore. I really don’t like ink or limelight and it seems most of the stories are written with this style. So, I want to create a thread of everyone’s story recommendations. If you read good Classic stories, please comment below. (These are all romance btw :grinning:.)
Like if you agree that good classic stories are really hard to find. :heart:
Some stories I really loved were:
The Dare
Until Death Do Us Part
Complicated Love
Tangled Love (classic)
The Assistant
What’s Your Emergency
Wild Things
Falling For You
Beautiful Destruction


I like the idea of this thread. I like ink and limelight but I also like classic. There should be more classic stories. I would recommend theses stories:

Glamanour Heights
The Ember Effect


Yes, it’s true. It’s so hard to find a good stories of Classic. Here is the stories that I would recommend:

Friends with Benefits? (Classic)
Ability to…
MD:Prove Them Wrong!
My Beautiful Teacher
Finding Prince Charming
Finding My Southern Gentleman
Finding New Love
My Beautiful & Mysterious Love
My Jerk Dream
Finding My Ace
The Phoenix Prophecy
The Ember Effect
Being The New Girl (Classic)
Witness Protection
Unexpected Roommate
All Hallows: Astrid
Hold You Down
The Loser
My Bad Boy Protector
Out of the Darkness
Waiting for you
Confusing Love
Only you…
Finding Redemption
Winter Wonderland: Aquaries
Winter: True Love Prevails
Waiting for You (Classic)
Dear Teddy, I Love You
Our fight to love
Beauty Always has a Price
Until Death Do Us Part
Rebounding: Vengeance
The Many Trials of Cocoa
Captivated In The Ballroom
Healing Of The Rivalry
Getting Even (Classic)
Apartment 403


Wow, that’s a long list! thank you.