Good Classic Stories!I


Most stories that I have read are already mentioned, but here are a few others:

  • Troublesome Temptations by @IvynG (me, lollll)
  • Keep Your Enemies Closer by @MalaikaTheWriter
  • Natalia by Cici
  • Toxic Waste // Killer Queen // Demonstrate Love // My Prerogative and Beautiful Danger by @joana.episode
  • Falling Raine by @Misk
  • From The Other Side Series by @Lindsey_H
  • The Eternity Series by Katie
  • UnPOPULAR by Siobhan
  • The Lovely One (classic version)
  • Secrets Only One Can Tell by Veronica
  • Out of the Darkness by Freckles
  • Why Do I Stay? by Carrots


Aww, thank you Ivyn!!!


Kyle is in love with Wendy, but his love is only passion, and his romance is dangerous, will Wendy find out that Kyle has been stalking her since the day they met, or will she stay in this abusive, crazy relationship for life?



Style: Classic | Type: Cinematic

I may use spotlight, MAYBE. In the future. Tell me if you read it so that I can know.

Choices Heavily matter, no CC, Arm overlays are used.

Both points and gains are put into this story to make the choices matter.

Will update when I get the right materials, :expressionless: Anyone knows where I can find an ext. And int. + day and night versions of a warehouse? Please, help me. -_-" And Both Tablet + iPhone compatible! (I worked hard on this story…)
Btw, i Have MORE!!!
My story. :smiling_imp:


Love this list there are so many amazing stories on here that I love and others that I had completely forgotten about and am going to finish ASAP!


@Infinite No problem!

Also, speaking of that, I just wanted to provide a small update to everyone on the new catalog.

Ever since I made my old collection public, I’ve been working on a newer, improved, and detailed Classic Catalog for everyone as promised. Thanks to you guys, it includes all stories recommended by everyone on this thread, and also all the Classic stories that were on the main shelves on the app from 2014-2016. And guess what… it’s not even finished yet! What you’re seeing in the screenshot above is only a fragment of what’s within the document. It’s not even a quarter of it. And guess what… there will be more. :wink:

Also, this list has some modern Classic stories; pretty much any Classic story made after Ink and Limelight were introduced. But I haven’t found many, unfortunately.

I did find some newer ones, though but not many. One of them is a short story called Rebounding with Ancient Evil by Alvar M. (@purplezombieattack). If you like Comedy, you might like this one. I personally enjoyed it and I’ve also already added it to the list. You might also enjoy The Time Jumper by Rachel Tin, which is an Adventure story. Also added to the list. If you have more recommendations or recommendations of newer Classic stories, feel free to post them. It’ll be pretty helpful.

Anywho, I’ll provide more details on how this works when I’ve completed the list. Not sure when it’ll be done, but I should be done sometime in the Fall, if not longer than that depending on what I have planned.

Thanks in advance, everyone.


Thanks for the recommendation! The catalog looks really organized, too.


Well I know a good classic story that I enjoyed very much.
It’s called Vigilante by Layla Vex


This is a personal favorite…

“Super Secret Cedar Hill” (I forgot the author’s name)


Love Classic stories!
It’s so hard to find them nowadays!
Really there should be a shelf just for classic stories.
I have many different classic stories :smiley:


My stories
Crazy for you
You’re mine


And my story Learn to trust

I have many classic stories, if you want to know them all just type in Vicky.H on episode and they will all come up :slight_smile:
and some are in my link tree :slight_smile:


Thank you so much dear here are some stories I thought were lost thx :heart:


Hey VickyH I follow you on instagram


I have Classic stories
Gemstone I : Axinite
Gemstone II : Carnelian
Gemstone 3 : Emerald
U can check them out if you want and see if they are good enough


I am a Classic-styled writer, and I don’t think a lot of people know my story. If you are willing to read it, please provide me with your honest opinion and constructive criticism. Thank you so much.

Title: Troublesome Temptations
Episode: 9, and Season One is complete; more episodes are coming soon!
Summary: Safiyyah, a woman who is seven months pregnant with her primary child, is in love with Stanley - a loving man, who has a significant imperfection: dissipate his wrath and irritation towards Safiyyah. Struggling to leave, as Safiyyah deceives herself with the necessary lies to avoid the inflictive truth as each day pass, Safiyyah realises that her unborn holds no purpose of living in an unstable, god-forsaken town. In pure derangement, Stanley assembles a dangerous - yet menacing - revenge of officially breaking Safiyyah to rock bottom: regaining his baby’s custody. Can Safiyyah find a location, that could sustain her daughter’s safety, while proceed to burrow her past life from her lover?
Instagram Profile: @ivynthewriter


I love Classic. You can give my story a read if you want to.

Story: My First Love


I remeber when I used to play this game a few years ago I was playing a story about a girl that’s homeless and then walks in on mafia members. She gets taken and falls in love with the leader. Does anybody remember this story? What’s the name?


Here are some good classic stories with some good lengthen episodes.

The Dare - completed
I’m Not Br(ok)en - N/A
The Secret Life of Mafia - N/A
Those Eyes - N/A
Reckless - currently locked
The Dork (Rewritten) - N/A
Carmen - more episodes coming soon
Wrecked - complete
Dangerous Love - complete
Bleeding Hearts - more episodes coming soon
Scar Tissue - more episodes coming soon
Maguire - more episodes coming soon
Tortuous - more episodes coming soon
Santana - N/A
Unexpected Roomate - complete

These are really good stories and some of them make you feel like your the mc!! I recommend ALL of them.


June, but technically it’s classic and limelight


Hunted… omg that one :slight_smile:

Um, you can try mine but im not sure you’ll like it. There’s Classic ok I admit for spoilers sake but things will get better eventually for Classic no worries :slight_smile:

Thriller: Tribe of Malapinchi.