Good Competition Show Ideas

So I am starting a new story were you go onto a competition show and things go horribly wrong but I am finding it hard to think of a show were not matter what happens they have to keep filming the show till the very end

I am trying my best to make it very ominous just in case anyone steals my idea

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Maybe…Last to be eliminated type of show. They have to keep filming so the people watching at home don’t think that one player is cheating.

I hope this is good. @Parix


Ohh I love it!

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Aw thanks! Just thought of it off of the top of my head.

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If you need any more help don’t feel bad asking me for some help with coming up with ideas or coding.

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Maybe you could do a show where they have a final live performance in front of an audience with already paid tickets that can’t be refunded?

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Great idea!

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