Good crossover style stories

I really like stories where styles crossover (eg, Ink And Limelight, Classic and Ink, Classic And Limelight . I won’t promote my own as I already did in another topic, but what are the best ones you’ve read?
There was one called The Tribe Of Malpanchi (or something like that). Any others?


I havent really seen any, I would say I am working one. but honeslty I have 10 I am working on and i doubt this one will be out at all

Pregnant by my twin’s student’s gang leader dad (it’s a parody, don’t let the name fool you)

Yup, you’re not mistaken at all. :sunglasses::+1:
Voodoo has all three styles, and I’m really proud of this story. Thank you so much for recommending it. :kissing_heart::heart:


Bookmarking this thread, I don’t know any except the one u mentioned but i would love to read some as well :wink:


Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t, but since there has been so little listed so far:

Title: June.
Author: Aliceproductions.
Genre: Romantic comedy.
Chapters: 11 (fully released.)
Style: Limelight/Classic.
Description: Ritchie is a lonely graphic designer who has just created his most successful character, June. Entranced by her beauty, how will he feel when he meets her in real life?


Hehehe thanks thanks! for the recommendation!

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isn’t this against the guidelines?

Dang, I still remember your story. It’s even in my recommendations :smiley:

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I think she meant like all the styles in 1 story … thats what this crossover is referring to i think.

o sorry

Interesting :heart_eyes: I just added it to my reading list. :+1:

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Yes. That’s right.
There are more, but I forget

I don’t understand how you mix styles

Try here

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Thank you


Treasure Jackson has a few of them.

I’m working on a new one.

This is so cool