Good crossover style stories

By - @JannahJackson

That’s one of the best

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I know right!!


I’m about to release new one. My last episode story.

Does your story have multiple styles? If not, I don’t think it should be promoted here and you should delete your post.

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Author: Aliceproductions.
Genre: Comedy/Sci fi.
Style: Limelight/Classic/Ink.
Episodes: 13 (completed).
Description: Being always thought as an “easy” girl, your life is hard. Then, one night strange Aliens take you on an exciting, sexy adventure. Featuring the return of Alice to a starring role. As this will likely be my last story, many of my former characters make cameo appearances.
Instagram: @Aliceproductions

Watch this space…

Title: Episode Parody.
Genre: Comedy
Style: Limelight/Ink/Classic
Number of Chapters: 7
Completion status: That depends on you, reader :wink: (you’ll see what I mean.)
Synopsis: Alice, Angela and June have a look at Episode’s story trends, rules and errors.
Instagram: @Aliceproductions