Good Editing Apps for PC or Phone for FREE?

Hey, I use an app to do editing, but I like photoshop it, it’s not like handrawn. Please tell me, thxs!

Pixlr is a GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAAAAAAAT website, believe me.


It is, I use it a LOT!

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You should definitely use Pixlr.

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IbisPaint x for phone is amazing


I use Krita on my PC (free online, $10 on any AppStore as far as I know) but it’s a hand drawing app.


IbisPaintX is greattt.
Dunno why but I use Ps for free by cracking it tho…


Um Idk how to explain it exactly… Basically, when you download Ps, you will have 30 days of using free trial. But if you have a “crack” file and set it up in Adobe program file, you’ll no longer use it as a free trial. You can use it free forever.

Let’s take an easier example tho. Adobe Ps is having a “lock” to block you from using it unless you have “keys” (money to pay for it), you will be able to “open” that “lock”. But if you can “crack” that “lock”, you won’t need any “keys” to open it.

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I use Ibis Paint X for contouring (But i just started xD)
And I use Pixlr for other details