Good episode length for first episode

So I just finished the first episode of my story and it’s about 1400 lines long (closer to 1000 not including CC) and when I play tested it it took around 13 minutes. This episode was really narration heavy so it felt a little short but I wanted to get another opinion before I tried to add more scenes. Basically, my question is does that seem like an appropriate length for the first episode?

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13 minuts is a good lenght.

whats not good is if your story is mostly narration, episode function more like tv or a comic book. not a book. you should not describe stuff there is going on in the story, show it


thanks for responding!! :smiley:
I think I’m gonna cut some of narration down in exchange for more scenes showing what the narration describes instead

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13 minutes is awesome, and so is 1,000 lines. I always aim for at least 1,000 lines of basic directing which is actual storytelling, like animations, backgrounds, transitions, characters moving, etc, but does not include long lines of spot directing, branching, CC, different choices and flags, and spot directing overlays. :slight_smile: