Good Girl or Bad Girl// RP


You and your friends are going to the school’s popular girl’s birthday party on a Saturday night, and your friends are super siked about going. You, being you, isn’t so stocked about the party. Of course, every popular girl in high school is either mean, heartless, crappy, or selfish. Sometimes a mixture. We’ve read these stories where the popular girl always invites the entire high school including the nerds to her party. If you get invited to a popular girl’s party, beware because it is not a good sign.

Your friends think that the popular girl is doing a good deed by inviting them to the party, but you don’t. You, of course, thinks that it’s all set up. You are POSITIVE that the popular girl and her group of friends are planning on doing something terrible to you and your friends. We’ve seen these bad incidents all the time in movies, but you never want it to be you. Who will you be? What would you do to protect you and your friends. Will revenge get inside your heart? It’s all up to you.