Good idea with tv show

Some give me a good tv show idea

As stated in your title, the Passage is a TV show. This means it is copyrighted, and you can’t use it for your episode.


Some help with a good idea best tv show .

You got all wrong .

I am was not put up there .i write a story about it .diff way.

I change that now .i put a good idea on tv show

Don’t accuse me of lying, when it was stated in your original post.

You described the show along with the characters - Amy and Agent Bradford Wolgast. They are most likely copyrighted.

You can’t copy a TV show. It’s immoral. And once again, shows will be copyrighted.

You need to think of your own idea.

Maybe base a story around you or someone you know.

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I am that good with tv show

Can you help me out

You can’t use a TV show. Do you want to write about your life or someone you know?

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One my kids post this i did know that

Some on the episode go around tell me do tv plot it was female

Well, you can’t copy a tv show.

You can make an episode about being on a TV show.

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She told me on episode there were people was on here was going tv show plot on for their story was and movies .

Sorry ok

I am not the only person ok someone going the same thing. why female at me tell me to do tv for .plot.

If you copy a TV show, you may be suspended.

I don’t know why someone told you that, but I’d be surprised if she told you to COPY a TV show.

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And if they are copying TV shows too, them they will get in trouble too.

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You got more people ongoing that .told can’t do that she is was I am going no tv I am good at that .no tv show for .i am not tv show person .i do romance story love story .

I know told me stoy plot