Good INK Fantasy Stories?

I’m currently into Fantasy stories like:

Elementals by Abi. K
Numinous by jos
The Evil Among Us by Taylor.
Your Silhouette by Anya

If you know any stories like these, please leave suggestions :slight_smile:


birds of passage !

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Try burning waves :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Will you like to read my story?! It’s vigilante and gang related.

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the four awaken,
and life’s a witch

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Sure thing, what’s it called?

Title: Shado
Author: Roy
Description: After tragedy, Roy returns to civilization a changed women. She begins her crusade, determined to put things right, with the help of her trusted people,waging a one-woman on crime.
Genre : Action
Style: Ink
Chapters: 9 and ongoing

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The Eyes Of The Moon by Julia

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I have a fantasy story you might like! You can watch the trailer if you’re feeling hesitant :two_hearts:

At the Crack of Dawn

Story Description:

With the appearance of supernatural powers, vampires and a murder, Zora’s aimless life is suddenly clouded by darkness. Will Zora be consumed by the shadows or emerge as the light?

Genres: Fantasy, School, Drama, Romance

Here’s a trailer if you’d like to watch!

Link to my story:

I love fantasy stories as well, a couple I’m reading are: Despicables, Euphoria and Greemore!

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Okay that story actually sounds really good :sweat_smile: I’ll check it out now

I’m reading those as well!

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Aww thanks! And those two stories are really good! One of my hand drawn overlays is actually inspired by their story!

If you read my story let me know what you think!

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Title: Poisoned
Style: Ink
Genre: Drama (fantasy and comedy)


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I’m currently revamping my fantasy story set amongst the constellations and stars, called Luminesce. Super excited about it!
You can already find it on the app, but I’d like to ask anyone who’s interested to not read it just yet. I’m almost done with all the changes and will be re-publishing it soon! I’ll be posting here again when I’ve republished it, so anyone who’d like to can go read it then. Or you can follow me on instagram @writer.trishagold for updates! :innocent:

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