Good length for stories and chapter length?



How long should a chapter be? How many minutes do you guys think is good? And how many chapters do you think a story should have? Would you rather have one story with 60 chapters, or maybe A season one and season 2 story with 30 chapters each? Share your thoughts! :blush:


Mine are around 25-30 lol but that’s only if you’re bothered. Although 10-15 minutes would suffice. I think two seasons are better :))


I would totally prefer a season 1 and season 2 of a story than a whole bunch together. As a reader it’s a little off putting and I think that it will be too long to read and that it’ll waste my passes. As a writer I would prefer to have seasons because than it builds up anticipation for the readers and you can categorize different stages. For an example:
Season 1: MC struggling through their last year at high school
Season 2: What happens after High school (break)
Season 3: Struggling in college then graduating
Season 4: The finale - where they go from there

That was a lame example but you get the idea


10-15 minutes is good for me, though I’m satisfied with a short episode if the content makes up for it.

This depends solely on the type of story. I do find a few stories tend to sort of lose focus once there’s more than 25 episodes, but that’s not to say there aren’t some stories that work having 40 episodes either.

Not for me. This is just daunting to me. If a story I’m interested in has more than 20 episodes, I usually keep it on my list for a rainy day, since there’s so many other stories I want to read and could get to quicker than a 20+ one