Good Limelight stories


Can someone suggest some good limelight stories to me? I enjoy Reading drama , romance , comedy I’m not really a fan of fantasy. I also Like CC but it doesn’t have to be


One of the Girls by Amberose - drama, romance and comedy with CC :slightly_smiling_face:


Why thank you xx


Because it fits all the criteria :slightly_smiling_face:


Going to recommend one of my favourites too Bye Bye Bad Boy. Oh and Galactic Games. They also have what you’re looking for


Bye Bye Bad Boy is really good!
I also recommend:
Dirty Little Secrets (mystery/drama)
Bad Apple (drama)
Reputation (drama)
Broke AF (drama)
Not Your Ex (romance/drama)
The Sabotage Stepladder (comedy/romance/drama)


I agree!


you are very talented :heart_eyes:


:kissing_closed_eyes: thank you


have you read the story cheerleaders its LL and its super goood