Good ll stories with cc

Does someone know good limelight stories with cc and romance.I can’t find any good ones anymore.I’m thankful for every story♡



You can read my story :smirk_cat:
It has a little romance in there.

Title: Bad Behavior
Author: Aaliyah Ali
Genre: Drama & Mystery.
Episodes: 6 (more to come)
Summary: How will Alana, Lucas, Ryan, and Rachel survive their past and conquer their future if bad behavior follows them everywhere they go?
cc, and choices available!
Style: Limelight




Thank uuu♡

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Rising Star by Cher is a great one


Thanks :heart:

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I’d love for you to check out my story if you’re interested! It’s romance and has CC :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: Blurred Lines
Author: Ellie
Description: After an intense break up, Quinn enters the world of no strings attached dating. What happens when it turns out there are strings after all, and she’s completely tangled in them?



I really love:

-Destined by Viola Musaraj
-Read My Lips by Regina
-I Married A Millionaire by earlgreytea
-Rising Star by Cher
-Dirty Little Secrets by Cindy Gaultier
-Envy by Cindy Gaultier
-The Teacher by Mette M. Peleikis
-The Assassin: Femme Fatale by Mette M. Peleikis
-Galactic Game by Lucky
-Off Limits by Sandra Gustaffson


Will do

Thank you

here’s mine if you’re interested!

Title: Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
Author: Marshmallow O.
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Comedy (Thriller)
Style: Limelight
Summary: It’s a race against time as you and your friends try to escape the mysterious sleepover that you were invited to…

Chapters: 6 (More to come)

Full CC, Choices Matter, Point System, Advanced Directing, 2 LI! :blush:


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I will read it later thank you♡


There’re the BEST episode stories I’v read! :heart_eyes:

  • The Lovely One (Limelight version because one is in INK) (my favourite ever :two_hearts:)
  • Under You
  • Dirty Little Secrets
  • Intoxicate Me (Limelight version because one is in INK)
  • Her Innocence
  • Faking Death (L.V.)
  • Beautiful Trauma
  • My Camp Boys
  • Austentitious
  • Falling For The Twins
    -Rock star Roommate
  • A Little More Me (season 1 and 2)
  • Falling In Love (a classic)
  • Bad Apple
  • Enemies With Benefits
  • Dare to Dream (A beautiful and sensitive one)
  • Love Scenario (Sad and great at the same time)
  • Game not over (cute and funny)
  • Game of Passion :heart_eyes:
  • The Queen of Limelight ( one of my favorite at this moment) :heavy_heart_exclamation:
    I read fast so… If you want to know more about some stories you can always ask! :two_hearts:
    (I know this is a very long list :joy:)

I forget one: friends with benefits

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Living in the Moment by @EmpressVanessa


hi if you dont mind self promotion heres my story which is LL and romance :slight_smile:

Title: It Was Written In The Stars

Author: Mars X.

Genre: Romance (and some comedy)

Style: Limelight

Episodes: 3 (and counting!)

Description: Leonardo is an eccentric model and astrologer. Darryl is an impoverished street thief. Can they win each other’s hearts? Or are they too different?

-Plus its male MC, CC, LGBT, and choices matter, with occasional mini games!


also a recommendation: Adventurous: Seven Seas




I have one…
Title: Living In The Moment LL
Author: Empress Vanessa
Style: LL
Genre: Drama/Romance
CC: Yes
# of Episodes: 6 (Ongoing)

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