Good Names For Main Female Characters?



Who knows some good names for main female characters?


Lilly Olivia Blaire Serena Amani lol


I tend to use baby name websites for my main characters.

Usually going for a name that is less commonly used as many names of Episode are often over used and just become bland as they don’t ‘stand on their own’ so to speak.


I do that too, but I do it for all names so… I want to hear other’s opinions about names for main female characters!


What’s the personality of the character? Having a name that coincides with their personality has more of an impact than people realise.


Strong, Kind, Nice, Loving, Independent And Determend!

  • Gabriella (Gabby) < Personal Favourite
  • Matilda (Tilly)
  • Bridget
  • Andrea
  • Harriet
  • Ella

^ All have meanings relating to the personality. :slight_smile:


I just pick names at random. If I overthink a name, it will get to hard.