Good netflix movies


What are some good netflix movies that arent horror?
Possibky Rom-Com


Even though it’s super overrated, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.


black panther, idk but sierra burgess is a loser looks good


set it up


I Am Not An Easy Man

That movie is like my fantasy world.


Love that movie


People also really like the kissing booth, but personally I don’t see what all the hype is about


Umm, not Rom Com but all the Hangover films are on there - recommend those if you haven’t watched before!!

All the Twilight movies are on there, love those!

or I love you, man…

I dont know haha!!



I don’t recommend sierra burgess is a loser, it romaticizes catfishing in a really weird way. Thankfully there are other good rom-coms. Some I really like include To all the boys I loved before, kissing booth and Notting Hill (this one is old but gold, really a must watch for all of you romance lovers)


Hmm, Burnt is also a really good movie. It’s about a chef trying to reach the absolute top with his restaurant. A bit unusual so it might not fit everyone, burn personally I’m all here for it :rofl:


spf-18 not bad