Good number of lines for each episode

I’ve gotten a lot of people saying my chapters are a little too lengthy… I use aprox. 2000 - 2500 per episode not including character customization.
Here is an example of what my script format looks like.

I know some people use spaced out lines… is that why mine are so much longer? With how I write, what would be a good number of lines?

I write exactly like you, no ‘space’ lines.
I also write around 2000 lines - mostly directing.
Have you read your Chapter and timed it? Most readers prefer Chapters be between 10 - 18 minutes long on average. Anything more than 20 minutes can sometimes drag and readers lose interest, anything less than 10 and readers feel as though they are losing a pass.
So it isn’t much to do with the amount of lines you write, more to do with the time length of the Chapter :slightly_smiling_face:
I hope that was helpful! :+1:t3:

Yes, I always time it and it is usually from 15-20 minutes so maybe that is why😂

I think 15 - 20 minutes is a good time :thinking:

Well, I may read it a little faster because it’s my writing because everyone reads at a different pace :joy:

Maybe take out scenes that are really descriptive and replace them with faster moving intense scenes, It might just be the scenes can be full of small talk which can make them feel longer

I can understand maybe if your Chapters were half an hour but not 20ish minutes. Maybe you could try what @eden.episode said or could you maybe cut the story at certain points and carry it to the next chapter?


Thank you both!

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Np glad we could help!

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Yea, that’s good, unless you go over 3000 then that’s like too much…
As a person who use spaced out lines (because it is waaayyy neater) and the way I write 1.3k lines can be around 10 mins

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Okayy❤️ Thank you