GOOD stories please?

Ok, so…

I’ve just finished reading “Haunted: Her protector”

And i feel like this is the only story i have ever read that made me feel something. It’s so short, but so powerful. It draws you in within the first episode. The plot doesn’t fade away like those 60+ chapter stories that make no sense. It’s so heartbreaking and relatable to the real world. I won’t put any spoilers here but you definitely should read it.

Anyway, I made this topic to ask for other amazing stories? Since I was so moved by the one above, I don’t want to get bored, and I don’t want this story to be small potatoes compared to the one that really amazed me. You see, I am probably expecting something amazing right now after reading that - my standards are too high. Do any of you have a really good, gripping and moving story? Or one they’d like to discuss? It doesn’t have to be a specific genre. Just as long as it’s good, not boring and doesn’t have a predictable plot. (no bad boy/mean girl/weak MC/ werewolf-vampire/ new girl stories pleeaaaaaseee.)


Ruby Tiara is my favorite, amazing fantasy story :heart_eyes:


I’ll give it a go! Thx!


I read that story and really enjoyed it.
I recommend
Dying love by @ElleC this story is amazing.
Description. "I loved you the moment I laid eyes on you.
But as they say, all good things come to an end."

This is an emotional story.


Here’s a list of stories that I really like!

Kotton Kandie by @PrettyEri
Stand by me by @ChaoticDreamz
Just a Mess by @EmpressVanessa
Hunt or get hunted by @Owlquest
And you can also try mines if you’d like it’s callec Too Much Baby Mama Drama by Lex :smile:


ooooh lots of ‘em! Thanks so much love xxx i’ll make sure to give your story a try :wink:

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Damn, that’s deep. Totally what I’m into! Thanks love xxx


Chain reaction


chain reaction has such a longggggg series like dammmnn
it’s also about gangs and stuff…

idk, i’ll see but i was trying to steer clear of cliches.

i know it’s a good story but a lot of people find it overrated. Maybe i would too so… idkk thanks tho xxxx

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Thank you Maria :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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I didn’t wanna read it either but then when i did I was like “wow”
She’s an expert in directing, etc…
But don’t worry I understand it’s long
Do you like horror stories? because I know a short one and I loved it

There are so many more. Good story. But you mentioned no vampire bad girl bad boy story. So this one you will not regret it. I know I have not. Have your tissues box ready.


You are so welcome. :kissing_heart:


hahjaa omg i willll


yeah i like pretty much everything

i would even read cliche stories like bad boy ones and werewolf ones

its just that i’ve read so many of them and i can’t find a relatable or non tedious one. One that makes it different from the rest of ‘em.

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If you like short stories with long chapters “Shroud” is perfect

  • 4 chapters
  • horror/thriller
  • Description: Horrifying phantoms turns deadly on a village in Singapore, 1963. But phantoms can’t hurt you, can they?

@Lyzze Pretty in red
@SarahLuv Wounded Souls
@Owlquest Hunt or get hunted
@ElleC Dying love
@Lex2 Too much baby mamma drama

All of these stories are amazing!!


Thnx girl :two_hearts:

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Hi you should try “Hunt or get Hunted” by @Owlquest :slight_smile:
and also The #MeMeMe Generation by @Lissia ^^