Good Stories to Read (Limelight)



For the past few days, I’ve been trying to find good limelight stories to read. Problem is, the ones in trending are the cliche ones (bad boy, pregnancy, nerd to popular girl) which I dislike.

When I finally find a story with a good plot, I usually get disappointed.

Why? Because they lack:

1.) Consistency - I know it’s hard to keep your story on track especially if you are on college or school with a huge amount of stress load, but seriously. I can’t stand waiting for one month for the next chapter and it ends up being super short. I don’t mind if it’s like five to ten minutes but I mind if it’s only like two to four minutes. I also forget what happened in the previous chapter when the author takes too long to upload. I also see lots of authors out there working there butt off even though they are stressed so it shouldn’t really be an excuse (unless you are on exam week, or if you’re grounded, then that’s understandable)

2.) Lengthy Chapters - Like I said in number one, I don’t mind five to ten minutes in a chapter but if it’s shorter than that, I’m done. 400 lines of code is short unless it is filled with lots of dialogue and less scripting. I prefer stories with 1,000 - 1,500 lines of code. Not too long and not too short.

3.) Good Grammar, Punctuation, and Mechanics - Do I need an explanation for this? I’d understand if English isn’t your first language but there are lots of supportive people in the forums who can be your beta reader. I’ve seen lots of dialogue and narration in stories wherein they forget commas or periods. But the most common mistake I’ve seen is subject and verb agreement. I don’t really mind a few mistakes though.

4.) Good Starts - Where do I even start (no pun intended)? If a story I read starts with “Jessica isn’t your typical teenager.”, “meets the love of her life after the first line”, “new girls walks into school and catches everybody’s attention”, I won’t read it. I’ll only read it if it is original in a way.

5.) Good Summaries - Summaries are hard to write, but at least put effort. I don’t want to see “nerd meets bad boy and she will fall in luv with him, what will happen, play to see”, “she got pregnant by the bad boi, what will she do now”, or “you were never noticed but suddenly your crush notices you, will this change your life 4ever?”. Seriously.

6.) Actual Chapters - I don’t want to see an excuse where the author says that the whole chapter only consists of character customization. I see long and lengthy stories with customization and I don’t waste my passes just to see how the story starts. And if I recall, there is a one line customization thing already.

7.) Interesting Plotlines - Please don’t write about the nerd, the bad boy, and the mean girls cliche. There are way better plots to think of. I don’t mind if it is a cliche storyline with a twist or originality. Just please stop using the same old storylines.

And that’s it. I probably forgot something but if I did, it’s probably a small problem. Do you know of any LIMELIGHT stories that meet the criteria above? If you do, don’t hesitate to post it down. It’ll mean a lot. :wink:


My favourites are Envy and He Can’t Tame Me


I’ve already read those and they’re both really good. :blush: