Good ways to end a story?

Let’s share our ideas on how to end the first episode?

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Oooh, interesting. I have a question. So my MC is finally back at high school and she is going to a party, what should I make happen? Any suggestions.

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Well, normally I don’t like the idea of people giving ideas to other people who have stories, not that theirs any hate, but personally, in my opinion, I feel like since it’s your story, you should write some alternative plots and pick which one you like better. Because at the end of the day, the ending depends all on you. Your the author and the way the story goes is all ur choice.


Well is Depends… does the party have anything to do with the main plot? If not how can you incorporate it so it will make sense to the plot and as be a cliffhanger the makes sense.

I agree with what @MelanieyM said. How does the party fit into your story/plot? Some cliffhanger party ideas on the top of my head:

  • Is it a transformation story (geek to hottie)? If she’s at a party maybe she spilt punch all over the popular girl’s dress?
  • Is it a romance story? Maybe because the lights are so dark she accidentally mistakes her boyfriend for the school bad boy and kisses him?
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its her first party at the new school and shes not quite the trouble maker.

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