Good werewolf story’s?also feel free to ask for advice i’ll Be happy to help

So I want to know what are some
Good werewolf stories also I love giving advice so feel free to vent or talk to me

Hello and Welcome to the forums!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think I only read 2 werewolf stories because they just have similar plots of rogue, abused, loner and missing mate/MC. Try Whiskey and The Wolf Within :grin:

Thank you!! <3

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@MerryMirrors thank you although I have read full moon it’s good but i’ll Give the other a try

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@VenusMorningstar I have read whiskey it’s so good but i’lol try the wolf within thanks❤️

@MerryMirrors I’ll add those to my reading list :grin:

@Krystal.episode You’re welcome!!!

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