Goodbye episode forums


I just think this is not the place for me anymore :frowning:
so goodbye and thank 4 all the people nice out there who supported me
some of ya’ll are awsome people like(nicknames) da taco queen, little petit bean, kitty kitten, and amazzink muffin, bootiful nutt and many more so thank u 4 evrything. I’ll miss you
I will finish the art’s that are pending and i’ll give em to you.


Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is related to the community. :wink:


I don’t know you well but I will miss you!


thanks! me too? lol thank u for the art you made me <3 ur an amizing artist


Lol thanks


Omg nooo, I wish you all the best! I love how funny you are and you are so sweet!


thank u! u 2 i’m so glad you got ur splash lol


Hahaha mission accomplished girl!


yass i can die in peace lol


Ma girl completed her life mission!


yeehh that’s te reason i was born lol to make ur cover hahaha


Oh no! It will be a shame to see you leave! We’ll always be here to welcome you back if you change your mind, though :slight_smile:


thank u! ur a very nice person <3


Please dont leave @NattyGomez


It was a pleasure knowing you, even if for a small amount of time, I’m sad to see you leaving the forums, but I hope to see you on here again :grin:


We will miss you :frowning_face:


Thank u :smile:
But some people are just so rude and I can’t take it but thank you @Kamorie1027 and @Lunar_Rose for your support ppl like you is what the forums need :white_flower::white_flower:


:heart: your so sweet




Being honest you made me change my mind
Thank u :sob::sob::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom: