Goodbye Episode Studio


We had a lot of fun. A lot of downs… but a lot of ups. You girls will always be my family… and I hate to tell everyone but…

Episode Studio is shutting down.

No requests, no members, no chatting, no one talks anymore since… an event. We wanted to let the community know… we’re done.

With love, Episode Studio


Yeah, the old ES will always have a special place in my hard!
And I want to apologize again for all the drama we may have caused!


I’m gonna miss these girls and this group.

I mean it when I say we will stay in contact with one another


Damn, sad to see things end the way they have :slightly_frowning_face:
Hope you’re all okay!


well since… that day, we were hit. Really hard. And a lot of us couldn’t handle it and a lot of us stopped talking on our chats… and… we just had to make it stop.


Yeah I get it, still wish you all the best :grin:


Maybe tag the people in the group so they know…


Moved to Episode Fan Community. :smiley:


thank you


Invite me!!


That’s too bad, because you guys had good resources, but I guess you had to make a decision based on what was best for everyone in the group as a whole.


Yh. We might try to rebuild but atm it is nonexistent


Sorry to hear. I wish all the members the best! I hope the people in Episode Studio didn’t stop making their beautiful art!


Episode Studio has not been having a lot of requests, and the drama. I can’t even talk about the drama. Why can’t we all just be friends? Our sisters were dropping out like losers and some of us just couldn’t deal with this. We loved each other like a family, but it all ends here. I’d like to say how much I appreciate all of you.


I appreciate you too!!! We can be sister and brother!


You were part of ES? And you want to be my brother?..


No. Yes.


lol if she’s ur sis, she’s my sis


Yeah. But she will actually be your aunt


no, you’re my biological bro. Before mom adopted me. Lol then u 2 got married. So she’s my biological sis too