Google Account Disabled by my school! All my stories are gone!

So recently a couple months ago, I graduated from high school. I made my episode account when I was a sophomore, so I have (well had) about 3 years worth of stories and ideas on my account. Today I found out that they disabled my account, so now all of my work and progress will be gone! I don’t know what to do! Do I have to start all over with a new account or can I get my account back and change my email?

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your school disabled your email ? how come they did this ? wtf…


I’m guessing because if they keep everyone’s old emails it would take up too much space?? Idk how but yea…

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Usually when you graduate from school, you’re no longer a student so they disable whatever accounts you have. It’s like returning your textbooks



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Do you need any help with anything??

Did you make your Episode account on your school e-mail? Because then yeah, they can disable it. But if it’s your personal account they have no right. Although I don’t think they could disable your personal account…?

Yeah this happened to me 2 years ago when I graduated middle school and my old school deactivated my gmail. I tried sending a support ticket but they wouldn’t stop sending the responses to the deactivated email, even when I told them they had to send it to my new email. I had a bunch of published stories already and it totally sucked but I just built myself from the ground up again with a new account- I actually had all the code for my old stories because I saved in all in a notes app since I work offline most of the time but I couldn’t be bothered to reupload all the overlays so I just let it go. Now I use google docs to store most of my code so that I can write from my phone.
Its a total bummer and zendesk bot episode uses fucks up a lot with email problems but I think you should try again and tell them to send any responses to the new email, since they might have fixed it. I’m sorry about your account!!


im sorry but why would you even make ANY account with your school email? make a private one.


Exactly what I was thinking.


I would’ve made it with my private account, but at the time I didn’t have my own google account, and when I signed up, it automatically used my school email and I didn’t but think anything of it.

Yea, I just got an email back from the support team, I have to start everything from scratch🙃