Google GDC Stream 2019

Rumor has it that the big G (Google) is getting into cloud gaming. Anyone going to be watching the live stream with the announcements from GDC? Figured I would provide a link below to the stream for everyone’s convenience. For our gamers, have you ever games in the cloud? If so, which service have you used, what games have you played and what was your experience?

Feel free to use this thread to share your cloud gaming experiences, the potential of a Google cloud gaming service and to discuss the livestream :smiley:


:eyes: Intereesting. Does Blade and Soul count as cloud gaming? :joy_cat:

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I would say to an extent it uses the cloud to store user data. But not a cloud streaming service like PS Now, PlayKey, Liquidsky or the now defunct OnLive. These are/were all gaming providers sort of like Steam but you play all of your games via the internet with no need to install a game. Think of Netflix but for gaming and 100% interactive :smiley:


Ah I see.

Looks like the name of the new Google Cloud gaming platform is Stadia :scream:

Well it looks like Google will be releasing a new internet based video game service called Stadia. With this tech you will be able to play your AAA and indie video games on just about any device with an internet connection. Pretty exciting stuff!

For more info check out the website that just launched

Hmmm…let me reach out to a few people about that. Got me very curious now 0_0

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I was reading about that! Wouldn’t it be great to have an Episode community on there? The only problem is I have no idea if people consider it “Gaming”.

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