Google Meet Editing Tutorials

Good morning/afternoon,
This weekend, as per which date works best, I will be hosting a live Google Meet Editing Class. Firstly, if this does not interest you, I do have an editing tutorial thread open. Click here! Second, here are the available times we can hold this meeting.

Please note: These times are Los Angeles. Please vote if you are willing to join.

  • Friday, August 28th (3:00-4:00pm)
  • Saturday, August 29th (8:00-9:00am)

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Saturday's times

:us: Mountain Time (US​:us: Mountain Time (US) 9:00AM
:us: Central Time (US) 10:00AM
:us: Eastern Time (US) 11:00AM
:brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 12:00PM
UTC 3:00PM
:uk: London, United Kingdom 4:00PM
:de: Berlin, Germany 5:00PM
:ru: Moscow, Russian Federation 6:00PM
:united_arab_emirates: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 7:00PM
:india: Mumbai, India 8:30PM

If none of these times work for you please enter a time that works for you in this thread!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • This is my first hosted Google Meet, as well as my first time meeting all of you
  • I edit in comic style
  • For this session we will only be outlining together
  • I recommend Medibang Paint Pro (available on all platforms)
  • You don’t need to show your screen, but it would be awesome if you could occasionally show your progress as we work together.

If you’d like to be notified for future notices regarding this meet please click the button below.

  • I would like to participate!

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hey mils! havent seen u here in a whilleeeee did u delete ur ig account¿ just asking dw u dont have to answer<3

i’d love to join but i probably cant because of my timezone and how its like so different://


I would love to join but like @Jayl said the time zones are either too early or too late for me :confused:


@Jayl & @Rosalinda.Episode
If they’re too late/early please tell me! I know western time is a few hours behind most places so my afternoon could possible be your night.


heyy!! its 2am for me now so uH i dont think i can make it either way yknow<3


Ohh! It’s all good. I didn’t even read what you texted earlier- I did delete my Insta for like the 382726282th time lol

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Hey! Sorry, it’s 8 at night where I am. And I don’t think I’ll be able to go because school starts soon so I’m kinda finishing up my list of requests so I can focus on school when it’s starts. I’m sorry!!! But I’m currently free right now and your feedback right now would mean the world to me!! I’ll definitely check by your feedback thread!! :grin:

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It’s no problem! I understand school is taking some time too. There’s always next time!

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Awesome! Can’t wait to see you then!

Thank you :blob_hearts:

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Hey Miliiii!! I missed seeing you on the other threads! I’ll have to think about it, because im pretty busy these days, but i’ll let you know! :heart:

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Is it pssible for you to do it at like 8-9 in your time?

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I wish I could join but your time and my tie is 9 hours ahead, mayeb you can record it so we all can see?

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Hi Mili, Thanks for the tag! I’m not sure if I’d have the time to join this, but I’ll inform you if I do! :heartpulse:

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I hope I can join. Idk what time 3_4pm is in my country. It might baäe the middle of the night :sweat_smile:

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Hi.I would love to attend this class but sadly my mocks (exams) are going this whole week so I’ll be busy in preparations.I hope everyone else enjoys this class.

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You know I’d attend if I could babe! <3 but timing is off for me, and I’ll be back at school soon :((

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@Celia_Episode @Frey @inkkee @MysteryMaker @Theebee2004
I will record it! That’s a great idea, and if anyone want’s to follow along when they’re free they can. I decided to change the time to Saturday at 8:00 Pacific time. I updated the first post to every other time zone’s time at 8:00am for me. Hopefully this will give people a better time, and on a Saturday

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This sound so cool!I haven’t been active on the forums for months lol I hope I can do this but atm I have some studying to do for school😫