Google Office background

Can anyone help me find some office room background. Not edited but real pictures that are found in google. I am unable to find any. I will be really grateful if anyone can help me with that.

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Just a reminder not to use images found on Google, they are usually related to other sites that are then copyrighted images :slightly_smiling_face:

Make sure to credit! -
I made this btw

Resize it to any size!

Thanks for the info :wink:

Thank you so much

@amepisode has some in her drive.

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Episode.smartii has some.

Yup, I have a few on my drive :grin:

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oh btw did u had a cabin background in your drive?

I ‘did’ but it had an Episode asset so had to remove it. I’ll prob remake it one day.

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oh okay. :wink:

One day has come. Re did the cabin living room and did a bedroom too :rofl:

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could i get a link to your google drive?

it’s in her Forums bio


You beat me to it :joy: thank you :kissing_heart:
Yes, the link is in my bio @Aunty.Dumpling x


Lol I love your edits, I’ll make sure to credit you!