Google pics, explore a pic SEND MEH A PIC


I want to see the things I’m missing in the world right now . Soooooo SEND ME A PIC ! Please :blush:

My new profile pic :3

Why I google :joy:
(the pic could be anything from what’s around you to something you found on the Internet )


bump :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:








I like that password one better. XDXD


This seems like such a cute thread, that totally needs more replies, so here are some pictures of my day —

Taking Timba for a walk

image0-1 image0
We found a cow :sunglasses: Timba was very excited //
He discovered dandelions for the first time, and went super crazy !!

We met up with some friends and got some lunch, It was delicious !!

image0-4 image0-6 image0%20copy%20103
Browsed around for a while/window shopped, Then watched a movie

image1 image0-1
Picked up some Churros for the fam <333

41%20pm 15%20pm
Currently @ dinner now :pizza::pizza::pizza:


AWWWWW Timba is such a nice name !


i made this today


That is so good, it looks amazing !! —
[I love how you based it on Tintin, it works really well]


guys…I just flipped my shit cause i just got a notification that GOD liked my post, and i was like NANI TF?!?


Ashahsahaha, that’s pretty funny :rofl:


I almost screamed when I saw a notification saying : God replied

My face be like : HUH ! :scream:


Wow , God has understood the laws of humour …
(But then again, there aren’t any laws )


oh my gawwwwwwwd that is such a cute cow.
(I love cows )


I thought so too —
[He was super friendly, and let me pet him]

That’s adorable !! So does one of my little sisters, all her usernames for games/sites are like: moomoo//cowlover//cowgirl//ILoveCows//etc. It’s really cute ahaha.



Yeah! Cows are …



awwwwwwwwwww :heart::heart::heart:
I wish I had a cow pet


For a drama homework (explaining what drama means to you). I did something like this …

(Imagine the wolf part with a cow’s face )
I wrote :

In a scribbled format :3