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“Gossip is a very dangerous tool. We should be more wary of the gossipers, not the gossip that is being relayed to you.”

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s Elite. If there’s one thing I don’t love more than gossip, it’s winter in the Upper East Side. You’ve got your Christmas celebrations, then your New Year’s celebrations, and soon in no time you’re braving the cold in your three-inch Christian Louboutins for the sake of flaunting your privileges in the streets of New York. And New Year’s resolutions are always a big one- this year I’m taking a step forward with my resolution.

New Year New Me, and this year I promise to be even bigger and better than ever.

You know you love me,

Gossip Girl

This is a role play that has been revived quite a few times in the past, revolving around the lives of elite prep students and their dramatic lives filled with scandals, romantic encounters, and drama. What makes this Gossip Girl relevant is the fact that everyone will be ‘gossipers’ behind the scenes. When the official thread is up, before and during the entire role play everyone will be able to send in gossip (and rumours) about other characters anonymously with the intent to destroy their fellow student’s precious status. Ever hated another character so much you’d rather pull your hair out than hear them talk? Well, this is your chance to destroy and burn 'em to the ground. Gossip Girl will post all of the anonymous submissions during the role play on a website and your characters will have to act on them in their own way.

Credits to Ashlynne who the roleplay has been heaaaavily inspired by, including the designs of the powerpoints and etc., and @bowsoverbeaus who originally inspired the Gossip Girl saga of roleplays!



Gossip Girl

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Gossip Girl | RP | Sign-Ups & Discussion
Gossip Girl | RP | Sign-Ups & Discussion

The McNamara Estate, New Year’s Eve


Kenzie Amstel
She walked into McNamara Estate, somewhere she goes a lot since she is ‘friends’ with Jessalyn. She wasn’t used to seeing so many people in there, and kind got lost in the crowds of people she didn’t know. She tried standing on her tip toes, looking for someone she recognised, but it didn’t really help, she was still really short. She somehow made it to the bathroom, and texted Jessalyn where r u?


Eddie Montgomery
He was quite confused when he was invited to the New Years Party, since he wasn’t very close with Jessalyn or Maximus. But as soon as he entered the house, he was no longer confused - they obviously just invited anyone they could. He went and sat down, away from everyone.

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Maximus McNamara

The junior stood atop the upper part of the staircase in the grand room of his lavish estate, leaning against the bannister as he overlooked the crowd of people gathered beneath, amidst checking his phone for any updates from any of his friends. Finding none, he guessed he’d have better look spending his time downstairs with all the guests before his mom reappeared out of nowhere and nagged him and Jessalyn down to socialise with the guests. Jessalyn would have been so much happier with the prospect of that than he would be, in fact he wouldn’t be surprised if she’d already been around the room twice giggling and conversing with all the guests who had been invited for the soiree. He could almost hear her laughs in his ear, even though the sound of music filled the room intensely, violins and piano flowing into the ears of the guests under the peaceful atmosphere. He checked his phone once more and rolled his eyes at the latest comment from Nick, before taking a drink off the tray of a nearby waiter who’d approached to offer some and taking a glance at a familiar figure across the room.

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Kenzie Amstel
She realised waiting in the bathroom was pointless, and decided to leave there. She straight away saw someone she recognised, Maximus, since she saw him times she went to the house. “Oh, hey, Max.” She said, smiling. She didn’t really talk to him, because she knew him and Jessalyn didn’t really get along.



Maximus McNamara

Max shot a slightly confused look back at the girl who appeared to know his name. He recognised her just about from all the times she’d hung out with his sister but in truth he had no idea who the girl was. “Hey, how are you doing?” he asked, fairly nonchalantly, he didn’t know if he’d have much interest in the conversation, and he secretly hoped one of his friends would arrive soon enough to save him the trouble of small talk. He knew quite a lot of the people around the room, but it was all the same for small talk. In truth, he just wanted to get down and party away from the unassuming glances of adults in the room. Good thing the estate was big enough to navigate away from them if the situation required. “You seen Jessalyn anywhere by any chance?” he asked, shooting a glance around the room again. He wondered if she knew anything about the reveal gossip girl had mentioned in the recent post.

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Kenzie Amstel
“Uhm… no, I messaged her just now, because big crowds of people i don’t know gives me bad anx-“ She realises she was rambling, to someone she hardly knows. She rubbed the back of her neck, worrying that he must think she’s weird. “I mean, I haven’t seen her.”



As far as Meila was concerned, she had never been close with either of the McNamara siblings and doesn’t even recall if they’ve ever engaged in a one to one conversation. I highly doubt it, She thought to herself, as tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear before sneaking a quick glance at her phone.

“This better be worth it…” she muttered under her breath and let out a soft sigh before folding her bottom lip in half as she scanned the room for a familiar face. I know it’s the McNamaras’ party and all but why must it be so crowded? She mentally groaned as she frowned slightly, feeling somewhat claustrophobic already.

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For once in his life, Orion was not fashionably late. “Seriously?” He groaned and pouted slightly, feeling a very disappointed about the fact that he was unable to make his ‘signature’ dramatic entrance. However, his expression quickly disappeared for it was soon replaced by his warm smile as he ran his fingers through his hair before wandering around, searching for a drink or perhaps… Some intriguing conversation to eavesdrop on.

All the good gossip comes out during New Year’s, he thought to himself smugly as he picked up a glass of champagne and sipped it innocently as he found himself mentally critiquing the outfits of random guests who strolled past him.

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Maximus McNamara

“Well I’ve got some time to kill while I wait for my friends”, he spoke. He noticed the way she’d stuttered and he couldn’t help but smile, deciding to help ease her in into the atmosphere. “…Come on,” he said after a while, taking her by the hands, “let’s get you into the party spirit”. He let go one of his hands from hers and took a drink before offering it to the girl.


.: Jasper Sevroy :.
Jasper was prepared and a bit excited for this party though he had to admit these parties always made him a tad bit nervous for some strange reason. He wasn’t sure why but he made sure to suck it up, after all he was Jasper Sevroy, cool guy all around.

Taking a deep breath, he walked into the estate and admired the furniture and decor and felt a bit homesick. It reminded him much of his own home though his family had several homes which made it confusing to decide which was his actual home.

Shaking away the thought, Jasper plastered on a smile and tucked his phone into one of his pockets. He didn’t want to be bothered with checking Gossip Girl while the party went on. He was here to have fun, not groan at bad gossip.

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Kenzie Amstel
She was surprised when he studdenly took her hand. Wow, he’s so much nicer that his sister… She thought. She’s resisted for a moment when he offered her a drink, but then she sighed, smiling at him, and took it from him. “Your not like what I thought you would be like…” She said. “Your popular, rich… related to Jessalyn.” She said the last part quietly, but then worried that he had heard it.



Alison Porter

“Tut, tut.” It was the voice of Alison who’d arrived only recently to the party, “I didn’t know nerdy boy over here drank, pass it to me” she spoke, letting the words spill out with command. She reached a hand to take the glass from him and then proceeded to down the glass. If she was going to have fun, she was going to have to get in the mood for it, because her idea of soirees - while this one was splendorous enough as it was - was getting down in a nightclub to upbeat music and sipping on Cosmopolitans at the bar with her girls. As she finished, the ginger set it back onto a nearby waitress’ tray.

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Nick Sterling:

A grin spread across Nick’s features as he entered the debonair soiree that was to be his last and first party of the year. The music echoed around the lively scene as people socialized around the room, and some people had even started their ‘midnight kiss’ early, he thought glancing to a few students huddled in the corner, giving a free show to all. He had to admit, the McNamara’s always understood how to throw a good party and he was going to make sure it was a great one. Grabbing a drink from the nearest tray, he greeted a few of his friends as he worked his way around the party. Stopping only when he saw the one and only hostess: Jane McNamara.

“Mrs. McNamara, I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have been invited to this event. It truly will be considered the best party of the year,” he gave her a smile as shook her hand. Though she gave him an incredulous frown, it soon turned to a bubbly smile as he continued to talk to her about the event – apologizing for his previous misconduct of course. Nick had always been good with parents, at least every one’s but his own. Leaving the women a few minutes later to allow her to attend to her “hostess” duties, he made his decent to the open bar, although, accidentally crashing into someone along the way.

“I am so sorry” he stated before he saw who he had crashed into.

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Meila nearly jumped out of her skin when someone crashed into her, causing her to stumble, nearly heading face first for the floor but quickly regained her balance, only to quickly glance over her shoulder seconds later to shoot the person a sharp glare. “Bloody hell…” She gasped as she briefly placed her hand over her chest, taking a moment to process what just happened before facing him with a huff. As if the crowd wasn’t enough to make her feel uneasy tonight…

“As you should be,” she sneered and narrowed her eyes slightly after clearing her throat. She then casually dusted off her dress, trying to play off the fact that she had been caught off guard. “You practically knocked me off my feet!” She pointed out, trying to sound a little harsh as she grasped the pendant of her necklace before beginning to unconsciously fiddle with it. “Do your eyes not function naturally or are you already drunk?”


Maximus McNamara

“And what’s that?” he asked, as he listened on to hear her out. The music drowned out the latter part of her words and he was left standing beside her, “What was that?” he asked, referring to what she’d just said that he couldn’t make out on account of the beautiful melodies filling in the room. He took the glass from her hands and set it back down onto a waiter’s tray an arm’s reach away, before turning back with inquisitiveness.


He blinked several times as he gave the girl a quick once over before letting out a short laugh. “I’d tell you to help yourself but you already did,” he remarked half-jokingly as he smirked slightly.

“And wait a moment, ‘nerdy boy’?” He repeated slowly as he narrowed his eyes slightly. “Those words… They wound me!” He cried dramatically as he turned away only to let out another chuckle as he turned back seconds later. “Now, Miss Porter, do tell… What exactly compelled you to come over here and down my drink?”


Kenzie Amstel
Woahh they have waiters too? She thought, shocked. “Uhm i mean, your popular, rich… i expected you to be more of a douchebag. No offence.” She said, smiling. “But your not…” She missed out the part about Jessalyn, because she was worried he might tell her what she said.

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Ugh. Parties. I didn’t want to go to this one. I walked in and press some creases out of my stupid outfit that Emery told me to wear. I check my phone. This is going to be a long night… I decide not to pity myself, and look around for my friends. Great… None of them are here yet… With my phone in my hand, I head of to the food and drink tables.

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I strut through the doors of this huge mansion, it was even bigger then mine. I wonder if any cute guys are here… I grab I drink off a tray, and look around. Shouldn’t Ali be invited to this party? Oh well. I head to the bathroom, and check my hair and my dress, and get ready to meet some hot guys.

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Alison Porter

She smiled a little and tilted her head to the side, maybe if she was in a bad mood she may have snapped, but the sound of the orchestra in the halls had a way of lifting her spirits up in the midst of the creeping Winter which had set its eyes upon New York city. “Hmm, I like your humour.” In hindsight, she had no idea as to why she’d even approached him in the first place, but it was easy to forget that she’d come for the drinks amidst the humorous remarks that had reciprocated back to her. “Can’t a girl have a drink on a night like this?” She slipped a slight glance behind her shoulder at a blonde figure vaguely resembling the structural features of Alison’s face, and when she’d made sure that there was no other attention directed towards her from the woman, she took another glass off the tray and taken a slight sip from the crystalline surface. “Alright, I’ve got to be somewhere right now, no time for chitchat, have you seen this girl around?” she asked, bringing the comment section of the Gossip Girl website onto the screen of her phone and into the line of sight of the guy. It was centred on a profile picture of a platinum blonde, and beneath, her name read ‘Sage Cameron’.

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Maximus McNamara

“Well, I’m surprised.” Max responded with a chuckle. This was something new to him to hear that, but he supposed that his sister wasn’t probably the nicest person to be around, and he slightly pitied the girl for having to put up with her. “Jess hasn’t been giving you a hard time, has she?” he asked, beginning to dance in step with her with his arms around her waist. The music was slow and classical, and they weren’t the only ones dancing, merely one of a few, because the night was still young and the party had only just begun.

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Bell quickly slipped out of one of the guest bedroom doors laughing to himself as he straightened his tie and folded his shirt collar down. The night was already getting off to a good start! He straightened up and smoothed his hair over as he rejoined the main area of the party.
Bell scanned the large hall in search of something new to play with when he spotted a tall brunette in a slimming little red number. He rushed over to her and spun her around to face him while lightly humming the tune to the song that was playing.
Bell’s face instantly changed from happy puppy in heat to pouty baby when he realised it was Amara he had found and not Emery.
“Noo. Wrong sister! You’re not the fun one,” Bell moaned light-heartedly, his words already falling slightly at the ends with the slur of the alcohol he had already consumed. “Where’s the fun one?”